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Welcome to the Bliksempie.net!

Bliksempie.net is a website dedicated to the online game Tribal Wars.

There are thousands of Tribal Wars related websites on the web, and while I won't claim this one is unique, I am trying to make a collection of tools that I have not found (yet) elsewhere on the web.

If you find a tool similar to what I have got, that you think works better than mine, the please use the contact form below, so that I may attempt to top it; for the benefit of the Tribal Wars community.

Using this site will always be free, as this page is supported by Google ads. Thank you for your support!

Use the menu at the top to view the different tools available on bliksempie.net.

I hope you enjoy this page!




I am actively working on completing the tribes and alliances feature. Hoping to have something decent in the next few weeks!


This feature will allow tribe aristocrats and alliance family leaders to set up various tools to use within their alliance, to allow them to plan their wars and operations, draw reports and plan support actions. More details to follow once this is ready!